Countdown to Korito Technical Matrix

Posted: Fri 23 Nov 2018

The Korito Technical Matrix (Sat Dec 1st) is a novel new event being trialed in Taranaki by Romaniacs competitor & NZ Enduro and XC stalwart Dougy Herbert

It is a hybrid, taking a traditional Scott Trial , stripping away most of the observed sections, adding some hard enduro splits, on a multi-lap race where each lap ends in a mini enduro-X / trials section

Instead of big hills it uses quite a bit of Dougy and Grant's infamous "Romaniacs" training sections, so you know it will be interesting.

And with Bronze, Silver, and Gold lines there will be something for everyone.

"I have taken the best bits of traditional Scott Trial, Crosscountry and mixed them to make the 'K.T.M.' See you there!" - Dougy Herbert

This event is a test case for an exciting new format where dirt and trials bikes can compete on an equal footing and, as such, Dougy is not looking for a large number of riders. However, if this sounds like something you'd like to try (on trials or dirt bike), maybe drop Dougy an email so that he can make sure he has enough scones for afternoon tea.

Daniel Herbert testing one of the obstacles in the matrix