Central XC College Cup

Posted: Mon 27 Feb 2017

The Bush Riders are running a College Cup in conjunction with the Central Cross Country Series.

At each round the top two riders for each school have their times added together. The winning team at each round is the one with the most laps in the shortest time

The important thing to note is that the TEAMS are NOT FIXED. Each round is essentially independent. Regardless of who was in the top team for a school at the previous round ANY rider can score for their top team at the next round, with new riders being able to enter the competition at any stage.

A college can have more than one team at each round. If a college has four riders that will mean TWO teams entered. The fastest two riders at that round will score for the top team, and the next two riders will score for the 2nd team. If they have 5 riders the 5th rider will score for the 3rd team, and so on... (for instance, after Round One, Napier Boys High are 2nd, 3rd, and 9th)

The important thing to remember is that EVERY college member can contribute. If the top riders DNF a race it could easily be a technically slower rider who ends up contributing to the the top team points.

Colleges with one rider need to get another fast. A team with two competent riders stands a very good chance of a top 5 placing.

The next round is on Sunday 19th March