Whangamata Enduro, RESULTS

Posted: Sat 25 Feb 2017

  • Northern and Central Championships - will be unofficial championships and do not require championship licenses. Riders entering under a one day license or a club license can receive points towards those series.
  • Intermediate riders (Top Trail Riders Championship) who entered today or at Nelson under a one day or club license will remain in the championship results provided they have a championship license before the next championship round (18th March). Riders who have not obtained the championship license by then will be dropped from the results.

The intermediate non championship licensed riders (who finished Whangamata) have been added back into the CHAMPIONSHIP results. Those riders who don't have an MNZ Championship license prior to the next round of the NZ Top Trail Riders Championship (18th March) will be dropped from the results. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following riders: (Please don't rely on my list. It is up to each rider to make sure that they have the correct class of licence)

  • 35 Mark Newton
  • 34A Mike Bennett
  • 28 Jon Refoy
  • 32A Hayden Oliver
  • 29 Claude Sabatier
  • 29A Troy Field
  • 29B James Waterman
  • 25B Eldon Frost
  • 33A Jason Lally
  • 24A Joshua Frizzell
  • 23A Craig Laing
  • 31B Janelle Walker
  • 27B Joshua Hilton

Whangamata Enduro

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