Auckland MCC

The Auckland Motorcycle Club was founded in 1930 and since that time has been actively involved in the promotion of all aspects of motorcycling, with a strong emphasis on organised motorcycle sport, particularly road racing, together with the activities associated with motorcycling safety and the promotion of a good public image for motorcycling.

The Auckland Motorcycle Club fosters new riders and provides events suitable for all abilities. When you join a motorcycle club you gain inside information on motorcycle events, opportunities to learn riding techniques and motorcycle tuning / setting up. Not to mention making new friends and some great social occasions.

The clubs headquarters are located at:
6 Findlay Street,
Ellerslie, Auckland 5.

They also maintain their own detailed events list, containing details of all the AMCC events, as well as many National Road Race meetings.

Contact details for Bucket Racing are as follows:
Mike Green

Address: P.O.Box 11129
Telephone: 09 579-0944
Fax: 09 579-3106
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